Hello everyone, my name is Sammy Wang and I am currently in a Hong Kong IB programme studying English A Language & Literature at Higher Level and getting a predicted grade 7. I am not too familiar with the local syllabus but if you bring your writing or assignments I can help you focus on your grammar & style as well as stylistic choice for the specific assignment you have as well. I am involved in HKSDC & WSC debate tournaments and ARCH Mock trials, and I also highly suggest that you involve yourself in as many co-curricular activities related to English if possible, as they will help you beyond the textbook. Even though I am not a professor, I’m always happy to help you with my knowledge to the best of my extent.

I will be focusing on providing your writing and written assignments with marking and area of improvements. For this, I will focus on 3 metrics, language, stylistic choice, and content.

For language, I will focus on grammar and spelling as well as how coherent the writing is made.

For stylistic choice, I will focus on any literary techniques used and their effectiveness. I will also be looking at the structure of the text and whether it is used correctly for an essay or other written assignment. I will also look at the style and tone of the writing, and whether it matches the assignment criteria for school assignments, or for your own writing.

For content, I will be looking at the effectiveness of the writing and if the presented content is effective. I can offer suggestions for improvements or where some content may be redundant in the writing.

Saturday 13:00 – 16:00

Sunday 13:00 -14:00