What is Vlearn? 什麼是Vlearn? Vlearn is a free online platform which encourages and enables people in Hong Kong to learn English online. The scheme was initiated by Friends of UNESCO Hong Kong in 2018. We are providing free English classes online for anyone eager to learn to speak and write standard English. We also hope to help them develop their interests in specific areas in the English language. 此計劃鼓勵香港年青人學習聽、講、寫和讀英語,我們相信英語對他們的事業和國際視野是非常重要,亦是他們作為未來世界公民之匙。通過提供免費的英語課程,我們認為可以減少社會不平等,並提供聯合國可持續發展目標所提到的平等機會。   Do I have to pay for Vlearn? 我需要支付費用來使用Vlearn嗎? Funded by UNESCO Hong Kong and supported by experienced and knowledge volunteer teachers, Vlearn is completely free of charge. 因為有香港聯合國教科文之友的資助及經驗豐富的義師提供支持,Vlearn能夠提供完全免費的英語課,我們不會收取任何費用。   Who are eligible users of Vlearn? 誰有資格使用Vlearn? We aim to serve the young people from all social and educational backgrounds. Vlearn希望為從事任何工作及任何教育背境的年青人提供進修,培育他們的英語技能以適應各行業所需。   What can I learn from Vlearn? 我可以從Vlearn學到什麼? We provide Weekly online classes for reading, writing, listening, and talking. The classes are mainly conducted in English. Unlike any other typical online courses, our classes are conducted live which allows for interaction between tutor and students. Each class lasts about 50 minutes and provides students with small-group learning. In reading and writing classes, tutors monitor the progress of each student to enhance motivation and engagement. 每週的課程內容包括閱讀,寫作,聽力和交談,每節課大約持續50分鐘,並主要以英語進行。 與其他典型的在線課程不同,我們提供直播課程,讓導師和學生能夠互動。在閱讀和寫作課程中,導師會監督每個學生的進度,以提高學習動力和參與度。   How to use Vlearn?  如何使用Vlearn? 1. Register online 線上註冊 Once students have registered online, they will have access to the e-classroom, where the tutor will conduct the class. 註冊後,學生可以進入相應的線上教室,導師將在那裡上課。 2. Select the class you want to attend 選擇您要參加的課程 Schedules are posted a week before a class begins. The frequency of classes depends on the availability of tutors. 時間表在課程開始前一周發布;課程的次數取決於導師的日程。